5 Simple Techniques For audioflow demo

Taken off huge overhead in RemoteConsole text processing which was cauing timeouts in finding responses for instance audio things and meshnet gateway.

Set bug when canceling transfers which sometimes wouldn't get cleaned up adequately and bring on even further failures on subsequent operations.

Included timestamp to filename of every person session log. Also established enough time of your file inside the zip to some time the session was opened.

Mounted handling of upload deal with. Wasn't getting used soon after staying established as a result of new subnet detection code.

Improved 2SeriesCommand technique of CompactFlahs to utilize the basis route and tag for position from memeber variables so they may be effortlessly overridden in derived techniques.

Go through-only use of ethernet parameters on TPMC collection panels. Need to nonetheless be set by way of Set up webpages on the panel.

Included superior progres indicators when trees are connected by putting up development details back and forth. Typically the 1st to generally be scheduled read more would get progress and the second wouldn't because of cached data.

Altered Sync phone calls to Async in DisplayList dialog to repair intermittent timeout glitches from phone calls timing out before having the ability to start out.

Additional improved progres indicators when trees are connected by submitting progress data back and forth. Commonly the main for being scheduled would get progress and the next wouldn't because of cached details.

Set bug in which new instructions have been revealed in the right purchase, but conserving and reloading won't maintain that purchase.

Executed queued concept posting from sheduler to event thread. This helps prevent misplaced messages when factors are flooded (sign debugging).

Mounted serial communications exactly where serial port could get locked due to a shed port take care of. Had to get rid of server to solve.

Fastened bug have been 1st time immediately after openeing a undertaking, all documents might be despatched. Will still send all menu documents, but audio data files function accurately. This will be set fully later.

Set bugs which could let upload button to generally be enabled when one or more checked devices are verifying.

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